Release & Let Go
with Sound Healing

Take some time for deep relaxation and experience how the sounds of singing bowls can help you to let go of daily stressors and worries. Music therapist and sound practitioner Brandy Jenkins will guide you through a virtual 45-minute sound healing experience with crystal and Himalayan singing bowls. This guided sound meditation will support you in reconnecting with your mind and body and letting go of what no longer serves you.

Sounds of the singing bowls as medicine
Singing bowls elicit frequencies and vibrations that support the brain and work on a cellular level to promote a sense of inner peace, clarity & centeredness. Sound medicine has many wonderful benefits such as reduction in stress and anxiety, sleep support and a renewed sense of well-being & satisfaction.

Important information
What you need for this experience
  • A phone or computer with online access
  • Quality headphones or external speaker. Most phone and computer speakers are not high enough quality to provide the best experience.
  • A quiet space where you can comfortably sit or lay down and relax. You may include blankets, pillows, an eye mask, candles or essential oils. Use whatever supports your mind and body to settle.
  • Dress comfortable
An email will be sent with your private access link. Please email if it's not in your inbox within 30 minutes (don't forget to check spam). There will be a recording made available to those who registered
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Information courtesy of Brandy Jenkins